AGM 2013

AGM 2013


AGM 2013, Birmingham

(Organising Chairman: Dr Dhiraj Tripathi)

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The Nepalese Doctors Association (UK) celebrated its 28th anniversary this year. The 28th AGM was held at Quality, Birmingham  from 26/07/2012 to 28/07/2013. It was very well attended by its members, families and friends.

This year’s main highlight  was participation of a hugh number of young doctors who were qualified from different medical colleagues in Nepal, and starting their careers in UK NHS hospitals.

In NDA’s history in first time Mrs Eva Gautam-Aitken joined executive member, representing family members.


                       26/07/2013 (Friday evening)

The highlight of Friday evening was entertainment programme conducted by DJ Sapan Rai.

27/07/2013 (Saturday)


(28th AGM was chaired by chairman Dr B Shrestha)

Chairman’s Message


General Secretary’s report

Election of new Executive committee

Returning Officers: Dr Tej L Shrestha & Dr Kehsar lal Shrestha

(Executive committee 2013-15 members)


Scientific Programme

Chair Persons: Dr Badri M Shrestha, Dr Dhiraj Tripathi


1. Dr Anup Pradhan: a. Oncological outcomes of osteosarcomas in the upper distal extremity

                                 b. The management of patients with septic arthritis in the UHNS  ( see journal for abstract)

2. Dr Sudarshan Gurung: A case report on ” Situs Inversus ” (see journal for abstract)

3. Mr Sanjib R Pandey: Temporal Logic-Based Fuzzy Decision Support System for Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic heart Disease in Nepal ( see journal for abstract)


Dr Milan Piya: Human Metabolism: Fat, Food and Energy Expenditure


Gala Dinner


Welcoming the members of the NDA UK, their family members and guests at the function, chairman of the NDA UK Dr Bharat Raj Shrestha, said NDA UK was a socio-professional organisation aimed at promoting goodwill and cooperation among the Nepalese doctors and their families based in the UK. He said the organisation had supported charities both in the UK and Nepal and was engaged in skills transfer.

Guest of honour Mr Bruce Richard was a centre of attention in the dinner. Mr Richard had worked in Western General Hospital, Pokhara as a plastic surgeon for more than 10 years. He was very grateful  to nepali people who gave him an opportunity to learn more in his speciality. (Please link video on ).

Mr T Chhetry represented from Nepal Embassy, London.



28/07/2013 (Sunday)

Talk Programme

Chair: Dr Bhashkar Sharma

1. Miss Nisha S Thomas:  Diaspora Volunteering and its connection with homeland development: Nigeria and Nepal


2. Dr Arun K Jha: Dementia Nepal

3. Drs Kamana Subba and Beena Subba: Charity Dinner Report 2013- Ambulance Service in Taplejung

4. Dr Raghav Dhital: British Nepal Medical Trust



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