NDA (UK) conducts its annual conference at the end of July every year which is participated by its members, friends and families. This is an excellent venue to meet friends and families, and know each other. During the conference members and families are actively involved in doing a lot of activities, including scientific presentations, fund collection for charity donation, cultural programme, gala dinner, programmes for kids, other talk programmes etc.


Here are some episodes of the previous conferences:

XX NDA (UK) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, 2005                                                                                        Lancaster  AGM 2005AGM 2005 Feedback Graph
XXI NDA (UK) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, 2006                                                                                             Watford   AGM 2006Mayor of Dacorum’s letter of thanks NDA AGM FEEDBACK GRAPH


AGM 2006 Movie Clips

    Treasurer’s report. ppt 


XXII NDA ( UK ) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING,2007 Aberdeen     AGM 2007 Treasurer’s report ppt Charity coordinator’s report ppt

AGM 2007 Photos

Aberdeen Foyer’s  letter of thanks


XXIII NDA ( UK ) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING,2008 Sheffield  AGM 2008  AGM 2008 photos Treasurer’s report ppt

Charity coordinator’s report ppt

NDA (UK) Journal 2008

Cultural Programme

Scientific Session Presentation:

1.Dr Dhiraj Tripathi

  1.  Dr Anne Shrestha
  2.  Dr Alice Shrestha
  3.  Dr Sunil Sah
  4.  Dr Badri M Shrestha

AGM   Gala Dinner  Lunch

Sunday Talk programme and film Show

 XXIV NDA ( UK ) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, 2009 Surrey  AGM 2009 Friday Cultural Programme 

Scientific Programme    AGM             Election      Gala Dinner  

Morning Session                  Picnic 

Treasurer’s Report


XXV NDA ( UK ) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, 2010          (SILVER JUBILEE) Leicester 06/08/2010 (Friday: Cultural Programme- DJ Sapan Rai) 07/08/2010 (Saturday) Scientific Session:

 Chair- Dr B K Shrestha

 An audit of ECG monitoring in patients on high dose antipsychotics in rehabilitation and Recovery Wards in Doncaster                                                  –  Dr G Lawati

 Outcomes of Birmingham Hip Resurfacing in patients with Inflammatory Arthritis – Dr A Pradhan.The Interaction of Oesetrogen,Tamoxifen and the Unfolded Protein Response in Breast Cancer– Miss Donna Shrestha

 Management of Acute Abdomen-Revisited– Dr BM Shrestha.Acute Liver Failure and the Role of Liver TransplantationDr Dhiraj Tripathi

Opportunities and Challenges in providing Primary Care in Remote Communities in Nepal– Dr Gerda Pohl


Questions and Answers Time

Annual General Meeting : Chair – Dr P Thebe

NDA (UK): Past, Present and Future  

Chair: Dr Tej L Shrestha

1. NDA (UK): Past – Dr B K Shrestha (General)      Dr N R Joshi (Charity)         Dr CB Karki (Education)

2. NDA (UK) : Present – Dr P Thebe

3. NDA (UK) : Future – Dr Nanu Acharya

Gala Dinner

08/08/2010 (Sunday)

Morning Talk Programme       

Chair: Dr Keshar L Shrestha

1. A Spark in the dark series reports:

Mr Prakash Khanal    Dr A K Jha    Dr CB Karki

2. Appeal for old people’s home: Dr Hira Shrestha

3. Nepalese Nurses Association UK) – Mrs Ajita Simkhada

4Childreach Nepal

Mr Tshering Lama             Kaith                  Mr R Snook

More photos…….











AGM2011 Report on Education Dr Sudhir Lohani) Diabetic retinopathy     Mr SV Raman Consultant Ophthalmologist, REI, Plymouth Interventional Cardiology    Dr Suresh Venkatesan, Consultant Cardiologist, Derriford, Plymouth

Health Exchange Nepal (UK) ( HExN- a charitable  organisation)                                 Prof S M Rajbahndari, Chorley and South Ribble Hospital