Basic health care affected due to blockade

The Nepalese Doctors Association (NDA), UK is very concerned about the suffering caused by the current severe scarcity of fuel, food and medicine in Nepal due to the undeclared blockade on the India-Nepal border. The country was already severely affected by the massive earthquake of 25 April 2015.
Many hospitals are in a state of virtual paralysis and the general public are unable to get to hospitals as ambulances/transport vehicles have run out of fuel. Small children, pregnant women and the elderly are particularly affected by this situation. Even more worrying is the inability to provide and continue with safe vaccination programmes for children due to the lack of the vaccines, ability to store them correctly and deliver them effectively. The fear of resurgence of nearly eradicated communicable diseases is real and imminent.
As the scarcity of essential supplies take hold, there is potential for a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented scale. 
We appeal to the International community to help resolve the blockade and ensure access to basic health facilities for all the needy people of Nepal. We also appeal to our medical fraternity, UNICEF, International Red Cross and WHO for help.

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