Call for Articles and Abstracts




Dear Member,

NDA (UK) Journal is published annually from the material provided by doctors, their family members and friends in the UK and abroad. Both medical and non medical articles are welcome. Medical articles should be original, properly referenced e.g. Vancouver style. Interesting case histories, audits, and abstracts of articles published in other journals are also accepted. Non-medical articles should be interesting, informative, impartial, non-political and if possible linked to Nepal and Nepalese cultural heritage.

Short stories, poems, travel experiences, recipes, anecdotes, etc are considered for inclusion in the journal. Views, particularly in relation to medical, dental and social aspects of life are most welcome. Relevant health news, news and achievements in academic and social life of NDA UK members and their families are given ample space. There is also space for readers’ feedback in the form of letters to the editor.

Notice to the contributors:

Material for publication should be typed clearly in double space and submitted preferably electronically as a word attachment well in time for publication. The editorial board reserves the right to reject any article they deem inappropriate.

Articles, both medical and non-medical should be brief and concise, and should preferably not exceed 1500 words (although exceptions will be made at the editorial board’s discretion).

Abstracts should be submitted as a word document not exceeding 400 words. A format of Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions should be followed. The best abstracts will be selected for inclusion in the scientific session. Please indicate if you are unable to attend the scientific session to present your abstract if selected.

The editorial board would welcome submissions from all members and their families, and particularly encourages trainees (this includes medical/dental students) to contribute.

Please email all submissions to Dr Beena Subba or Dr Kamal Aryal or  Dr Anup Pradhan:

All submissions will be acknowledged by return email. Please do not assume that your submission has been successfully delivered without an acknowledgement.

Also email Dr Benna Subba or Dr Kamal Aryal or Dr Anup Pradhan  with any questions relating to the journal.

The deadline for submission is 15th June 2014 and you will be notified the outcome on the first week of July 2014. Submissions after the deadline will not be considered for publication in the journal, but abstracts of exceptional quality may be selected for oral presentation at the scientific session as a “late-breaking abstract”

With kind regards,

Dr Beena Subba

Joint Secretary NDA (UK) and NDA (UK) Journal Editor