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Update on Nepal Flood and Landslide Relief …..



Dear NDA members,

Executive committee would like to thank all of you for your generous donation towards recent flood and landslide relief .

Due to matter of urgency the executive committee has released NRs 300,000  from NDAUK- charity .

NDA joint secretary Dr Paras Singh and co-opt member Miss Ang T Sherpa who are currently in Nepal are working towards delivery of the relief fund.

Member activities – non invasive ventilation workshop

NDA UK Executive committee member Dr Lakshman Paudyal and NDA members Drs Sudhir Lohani and Mohan Devbhandari conducted  a Symposium on ‘Respiratory and Heart Failure’ followed by practical workshop on “Non-invasive Respiratory Support” at Civil Hospital, Kathmandu Nepal on the 31st of October 2015 with support from Health Exchange Nepal (HExN) and Civil Hospital.

Dr Guna Raj Lohani, chief of Curative Division in the Ministry of Health (chief guest of the occasion) and Dr Bimal Thapa, the Director of Civil Hospital were very appreciative of the programme.
Sixty doctors and nurses working for the Ministry of Health, Nepal attended the symposium. Overall feedback was excellent and many of the participants felt that they had obtained the required skills to set up a non-invasive ventilation service in Nepal.  IMG_20151031_112520 IMG_20151031_152708

Executive committee 2015-2017

Dr Beena Subba, Chairman
Dr Shabin Joshi, Vice-Chairman
Dr Kamal Aryal, General Secretary
Dr Vandana Karn, Treasurer
Dr Robin Sherchan, Joint Secretary
Dr Bhichhyan Rai, Member
Dr Lakshman Paudyal, Member
Dr Kishor Lekhak, Member
Dr Sanjeeb Nepali, Member
Dr Arun Jha, Member (immediate past chairman)
Dr Sachin Gurung, Member
Mrs Eva Gautam – Aitken, Member

Field Visit Report

by Dr Chuda Karki

A meeting of the executive committee of ARDSN was held on 15th May 2015 to plan for emergency relief to the earthquake victims of Nepal. The earthquake measuring 7.6 on Richter Scale hit Nepal on  25th April 2015 causing colossal loss of life and property: about nine thousands lay dead and 17thousands injured with inestimable loss of property.
The executive committee decided as follows:
1) Emergency humanitarian response adopting a small village in Lalitpur district namely Farsidol, Karyavinayak Municipality ward number 9.
2) To provide psycho-social counseling in a limited area.

Field visit Farsidol:

A team consisting Dr Gouri Shankar Lal Das, Dr Chuda Bahadur Karki, Shridhar Lamichhane and Bibendra Pradhanag visited Farsidol village on 17th May 2015 at 11 AM to 2 PM.

Farsidol Village is a small village about 9 Kilometer south from Ring road, Nakkhu Dobato. It spreads over 9 square kilometer area (approximately). It consist 91 households, populated by 416 persons of which female 214 and male 202. The total population comprises 84 children and 44 senior citizens. There are two schools having 110 children. The water supply is working but needs repair. The village is connected by a narrow bumpy graveled road. The ethnic group populating the village is predominantly Tamang which is economically handicapped. The village lies in a picturesque surrounding. However, the scenery has been spoilt by the total destruction of 10 houses and damage to 80% of the houses which are uninhabitable.
While interacting with villager of Farsidol, the primary need spelled out was nutritional supply for School children, shelter, food and water supply for general population and linking the households with main road.

Having seen the situation of the village and interaction with the villagers, Dr Chuda Bahadur Karki of NDA-UK has magnanimously provided Rs. one hundred thousand by cheque immediately to supply Tiffin to the school children. To make participatory decision, ownership of local people, facilitate the process, develop partnership with ARDSN, make the operation transparent, ARDS N formed a local management team consisting:-

• Rajesh Maharjan, Principal of Mahankal Primary school…….. Coordinator
• Sukumaya Lama, Local Social Volunteer…….. Member
• Prem Bhakta Maharjan, Coordinator, Temporary dwellings and re-settlement management committee, Karyavinayak.
• Anisha Tamang, Villager
• Lal Bahadur Tamang, Coordinator, Re-settlement Ward committee of ward no. 9, Karyavinayak.


From Kantipur News

Navin Pokhrel

उद्दारका लागि लन्डनबाट १८ नेपाली चिकित्सक


लन्डन , वैशाख २० – भूकम्प पीडितहरुको उद्दार तथा स्वास्थ्य सेवाका लागि बेलायतस्थित नेपाली चिकित्सकहरुको समूह आइतबार विहान नेपाल उडेको छ ।

नेपलिज डक्टर्स एसोसिएसन, यूकेको पहलमा १८ चिकित्सकसहित तीन सहयोगी गरि २१ जनाको टिम नेपाल गएको हो  । एसोसिएसनका अध्यक्ष डा. अरुणकुमार झाका अनुसार, डा. कपिल रिजालको नेतृत्वमा चिकित्सकहरु भूकम्प प्रभावित जिल्लामा जानेछन् ।

आइतबार साँझ डा. कमल अर्यालको नेतृत्वमा चार जना चिकित्सक नेपाल उड्ने कार्यक्रम छ भने ६ मेका दिन डा. चुडा कार्की नेतृत्वको अर्को समूह पनि नेपाल जाने तय भएको छ । डा. कार्कीको समूहले मनो सामाजिक आवश्यकता तथा परामर्श सम्वन्धि जिम्मेवारी सम्हाल्नेछ ।

‘अप्ठेरोका बेला नेपाली चिकित्सकहरुले आफ्ना तर्फबाट सक्दो सहयोग गरेका छन्’, अध्यक्ष झाले भने, ‘म भूकम्प प्रभावित क्षेत्रमा खटिने साथीहरुप्रति आभारी छु ।’

उनले चिकित्सकहरु नेपालबाट फर्किएपछि के कस्तो आवश्यकता हुन्छ त्यो अनुसार कार्यक्रम बनाउने पनि जनाए ।

उता, डक्टर्स एसोसिएसनले शनिबार साँझ लन्डनस्थित नेपाली दूतावासमा आयोजित च्यारिटी डिनरमा संकलित करिब तीनहजार पाउण्डमध्ये एकहजार पाउण्ड भूकम्प पीडितलाई दिने जनाएको छ । उक्त रकम दूतावासमार्फत प्रधानमन्त्री राहत कोषमा पठाइनेछ ।

च्यारिटी डिनरबाट भूकम्प पीडितहरुकै लागि कार्यरत फेज नेपाल नामक संस्थालाई दुई हजार पाउण्ड प्रदान गरिएको छ । उक्त अवसरमा अभिनेतृ जोआना लुम्लेले हस्ताक्षर गरेको किताव, प्रवल गुरुङका फेशन लगायत लिलाम बढाबढ समेत गरि रकम उठाइएको थियो ।

Nepal Earthquake Appeal update




Nepal Eartnquake Appeal update ( Click)

The Nepalese Doctors’ Association UK has joined hands with Lisa May Foundation and other charitable organisations to organise emergency medical and humanitarian support in Kathmandu and neighbouring earthquake affected areas.

A team of Nepalese doctors led by Dr Kapil Rijal is leaving for Nepal on Saturday, 2nd May and the details are as follows:

1. A group of 15 Nepalese doctors, 1 structural engineer + 1 accountant
2. They are going to the remote villages where there are no medical services as yet.
3. They are working closely with NDA, UK and the Buddhist Community Centre, UK
4. We’ve already received 400kg of high energy bars and 150 sleeping bags
5. More collections/requests are on-going to collect other essential equipment

The list of doctors so far is as follows:
1. Dr.Amrita Gurung
2. Dr.Aashish Shah
3. Dr.Laxman Thapa
4. Dr.Sudarshan Gurung
5. Dr.Reskaji Gurung
6. Dr.Reena Rana
7. Dr.Rajib Maharjan
8. Dr.Amrit Gurung
9. Dr.Bibeg Gurung
10. Dr.Amit Gurung
11. Dr.Milan Gurung
12. Dr.Bhichhyan Rai
13. Dr.Ruchi Thapa
14. Dr.Khusi Man Gurung
15. Dr Anjana Dongol
16. Dr Savin Pokhrel
17. Dr Purnima Gurung
18. Saroj Koirala
19. Rajendra Shrestha
20. Dr Kapil Rijal

Dr Chuda Karki is leaving on 6 May. Others may join him on that date.

NDAUK has organised an urgent meeting on Saturday, 2nd May, at the Nepalese Embassy in London to discuss further course of action and the charity dinner on the same evening. So far, we have raised approximately 3000, and hope to raise more.

Nepal Eartnquake Appeal update

Heart Awareness Programme


1 NHF1

NHF21st March 2015, London

Heart Awareness Programme was  jointly organised by Nepalese Heart Foundation UK, Nepalese Nursing Association UK,  NDA UK and Nepalese Blood Donors UK .

NDA UK Chairman Dr Arun Jha and past chairman Dr Achyut Dhital delivered talks on stroke and cardiovascular problems


SAARC AA Congress in Nepal




26-28/ 02/2015, Kathmandu, Nepal

NDA (UK) life members Drs KP Karn, SP Acharya, PR Joshi, T Sherpa and R Khoju participated in 16th SAN conference and 11th SAARC AA congress in Kathmandu.

On the first day of the conference Dr KP Karn delivered an excellent talk on ” Patient Safety and Care in Anaesthesia ” and Dr PR Joshi – on ” Safety in Regional Anaesthesia”. The session was dedicated to late Prof Tom McCaughy and sponsored by the Health Exchange Nepal (UK).

Dr Karn


On 01/03/2015  NDA UK life members Drs S P Acharya and R Khoju actively took part in conducting a workshop on ” Difficult Airway Management ” at TUTH, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu. There were 24 candidates on the workshop.

Dr Shambhu

Workshop on Non Invasive Ventilation in Nepal


20-21st February 2015, Nepal

NDA UK Life members Dr Sudhir Lohani and Dr Ramesh Khoju successfully conducted one day “Symposium on  Respiratory Failure” and a ” Workshop on Non Invasive Ventilation” at Dhulikhel Hospital. The event was endorsed by the Royal College of Physician of Edinburgh, and jointly organised by Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences and Health Exchange Nepal(UK). In the symposium the RCPE president Prof Derek Bell delivered a talk on overview of respiratory failure. There were lectures delivered by experts from the UK and Nepal in the field of respiratory medicine and intensive care.There were more than 100 participants in the symposium and more than 40 participants on the workshop. The equipments for the workshop  were provided by Chamunda Trading Company.