NDA and Charity

Rajend2The Nepalese Doctors Association is a socio-professional organisation but charity has been at its heart since its formation. We can take pride in the fact that over

the years our organisation has been responding to our duty to others and I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute all those members of the NDA who have

been involved in this noble task since its beginning. It is now the responsibility of the younger generation to take this further.  As such any suggestion and any

donation however, small would be most helpful. Apart from the NDA as an organisation, several members have raised funds on a personal basis for specific charity activities in Nepal.

– by Dr Rajendra Pandey

The list, below of the charity work by the NDA, is by no means comprehensive and as such, we would welcome information from the members about their contribution so that it can be included too.


1986 Television set donation to Pestallozi Children’s Village £300.00
1987 Donation to Flood victims in Nepal £301.00
1988 Donation to Earthquake victims in Nepal £501.00
1989/1990 Save the Children Fund £2500.00
1990/ 1991 Donation to Nepal Medical Association £1515.00
1990/1991 Donation to Nepal Disabled Association £2611.00
1991/1992 Donation to Nepal House Pestallozi Children Village £2000.00
1991/1992 Donation to Prime Minister’s disaster relief fund £500.00
1991/1992 Donation to Flood victims in Nepal £1001.00
1993 Fund for Eye Camp in Nepal £1220.00
1994/1995 Leprosy Rehabilitation Project £2165.00
1997/1998 Nepalese Cancer Care project £3500.00
2000/2001 Donation to NAHUDA – Nepal £4500.00
2002 Ramji Memorial Trust – Donation to IOM, KTM £4009.00
2003/2004 Bhaktapur Cancer Upchar Dan Committee £1000.00
2005 Mayor of Lancaster Charity fund £350.00
2005 Clr Alan Whittaker’s Charity – Lancashire Nepalese Schools Project Supporting the PAHAR Trust £350.00
2006 Dr Arun Jha organised successfully a Mental Health Camp in Janakpur in collaboration with the Psychiatric Association of Nepal (PAN) and Janakpur Red Cross Society,19-20th Jan, 2006
2006 Paropakar Organisation £500.00
2006 Ashraya Project £300.00
2006 Donation to Jana Andolan-II 2062/63 £810.00
2006 Mayor of Dacorum’s charity £300.00
2007 Deputy Prime Minister Mr Amik Sherchan’s charity £184.00
2007 Paropakar Organisation £500.00
2007 Ashraya Project £300.00
2007 Pashupati Briddhashram £500.00
2007 Dr’s project on “Study of Prevalence of Hypertension in Dhulikhel Municipality “ £432.00
2007 Hospice Nepal (Palliative Care Centre) £500.00
2007 Aberdeen Foyer £500.00
2008 Dr Shabin Joshi donated books & instruments for neuro- surgery to neurosurgery unit Bir Hospital Worth£10,000.00
2008 Rotherham Young Carers Service £400.00
2008 Koshi Flood Relief  (Distribution of 2 blankets to each of the 550 families by Chairman Dr P Gautam) £2,500.00
2009 Hospice Nepal ( Palliative Care Centre)- sponsoring the first palliative care conference £1,735.35
2010 Community Foundation for Young ( Leicester ) £ 400.00
Rotary Club of Kathmandu west £ 650.00
ECDC and NAHUDA (Nepal) £ 2490.00
2011 Dental Health Programme in Nepal ( led by Dr Sanjeeb Nepali) £500.00
Young People in Sports ( Plymouth) £400.00
2012 Mental Health First Aid, Nepal £763.00
Support for Renal Transplant in Nepal £1000.00



Sickle Cell Charity £500.00
Children’s Scheme £250.00
Alzhiemer’s Society of Nepal