NDANepalese Doctors Association (UK)

Established 1985

Registered Charity No: 1170381

Many Nepalese doctors have been coming to the UK for their postgraduate studies for many years. Some of them have settled in various part of Britain and made this their home from home. In 1984 they held a series of meeting at various venues with the aim of bringing these doctors  together and Nepalese Doctors’ Association (UK) was established in 1985. First Annual General meeting of newly formed organisation was held on 1986. The association is a non-political, non-racial, non-profit making voluntary organisation open to all Nepalese doctors presently residing in the UK.


Aims and Objectives:
• To promote comradeship among the Nepalese doctors in the UK
• To provide a forum for regular meeting
• To publish Newsletter/Souvenir to exchange ideas, news and views
• To contribute to the development of the health service in Nepal within our capacity
• To sponsor charities in Nepal and the UK
• To establish link with similar association in Nepal and elsewhere