Junior Doctors Contract

Nepalese Doctors Association (NDA), UK extends its support to the junior doctors for fruitful negotiations with NHS employers on issues surrounding the new proposed junior doctors’ contract. There has been a drive and pressure from the Department of Health to move towards a seven-day service. While we support the need for adequately resourced seven day care, we believe this should be done properly with due attention given to all aspects of medical and social care. We think this can only be achieved by fully supporting and lifting the morale of our young workforce of today that will be our senior workforce tomorrow. There are concerns that the proposal for the new contract risks to threaten, undermine and dissuade aspiring young talents from opting for a career in Medicine in the UK. We hope that any ongoing and future discussions and negotiations will lead to an amicable agreement that recognises the challenging environment in which healthcare is delivered and continues to attract the very best.


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