NAMASTE Nepal Project

NAMASTE Nepal Earthquake AppealNAMASTE Nepal Earthquake Appea 13 May 2015 (Click)

Psychosocial Support Project to provide Nonjudgmental, Approachable, Mental health related, Altruistic,

Social and Transparent service for Earthquake victims of Nepal

NAMASTE Nepal – NDAUK’s New Psychosocial Project NAMASTE Nepal is a joint Psychosocial Support Programme initiated by the Nepalese Doctors’
Association UK in partnership with Nepal Medical
association, AMDA Nepal, and Psychiatric Association
of Nepal for the victims of Earthquake in Nepal in
April 2015.
NAMASTE Nepal Project focuses on providing medical
relief, sustainable health-related development and
risk reduction activities for vulnerable communities
in Kathmandu and surrounding earthquake affected
NDAUK has already sent four medical teams to Nepal.
A medical team led by Dr. Kapil Rijal and a surgical
team led by Dr. Kamal Aryal went on 2nd May. Dr.
Chuda Karki went on 6 May to explore psychosocial
needs and Dr. Shabin Joshi is planning to go in mid
May to provide more surgical help.
Our core Values are: Motivation, Excellence, Respect,
Collaboration and Yearn to service.


Our Vision…
To be outstanding in delivery of mental health and
psychosocial support to all earthquake victims of Nepal.




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