Nepal Earthquake Appeal update




Nepal Eartnquake Appeal update ( Click)

The Nepalese Doctors’ Association UK has joined hands with Lisa May Foundation and other charitable organisations to organise emergency medical and humanitarian support in Kathmandu and neighbouring earthquake affected areas.

A team of Nepalese doctors led by Dr Kapil Rijal is leaving for Nepal on Saturday, 2nd May and the details are as follows:

1. A group of 15 Nepalese doctors, 1 structural engineer + 1 accountant
2. They are going to the remote villages where there are no medical services as yet.
3. They are working closely with NDA, UK and the Buddhist Community Centre, UK
4. We’ve already received 400kg of high energy bars and 150 sleeping bags
5. More collections/requests are on-going to collect other essential equipment

The list of doctors so far is as follows:
1. Dr.Amrita Gurung
2. Dr.Aashish Shah
3. Dr.Laxman Thapa
4. Dr.Sudarshan Gurung
5. Dr.Reskaji Gurung
6. Dr.Reena Rana
7. Dr.Rajib Maharjan
8. Dr.Amrit Gurung
9. Dr.Bibeg Gurung
10. Dr.Amit Gurung
11. Dr.Milan Gurung
12. Dr.Bhichhyan Rai
13. Dr.Ruchi Thapa
14. Dr.Khusi Man Gurung
15. Dr Anjana Dongol
16. Dr Savin Pokhrel
17. Dr Purnima Gurung
18. Saroj Koirala
19. Rajendra Shrestha
20. Dr Kapil Rijal

Dr Chuda Karki is leaving on 6 May. Others may join him on that date.

NDAUK has organised an urgent meeting on Saturday, 2nd May, at the Nepalese Embassy in London to discuss further course of action and the charity dinner on the same evening. So far, we have raised approximately 3000, and hope to raise more.

Nepal Eartnquake Appeal update

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  1. Dear Chairperson NDA UK
    All you are doiing a Great job.
    Is there any contact numbers ?

    Thank you.

    Shiva Rai

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