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Nepalese Doctors Association UK 2nd Careers Day 2017

The aim of this day is to provide you with information on the application process and how to ensure your CV is the best it can be. There will be many consultants and senior doctors there, with a wealth of knowledge, who are ready to impart advice and guidance on how to pursue a career in your chosen specialty.

There is also an opportunity for you as the attendees to present your work, i.e. audits, case reports, research work. This will look excellent on your CV as a national presentation and allow you to improve your presentation skills. The best presentation will also be awarded a prize. Please send us an abstract of your presentation to by 7th of October 2017, and we shall inform you if it has been selected.

This year we have decided to have the event up north in Manchester. This will be held at:

The Great Kathmandu,140 Burton Rd, Manchester, M20 1JQ

The day will start promptly at 10am and we hope to finish by 4pm.

This is a free event and please take advantage of this occasion. Lunch is provided. We would like you to send us a cheque of £25. This is refundable and will be returned to you on the day, this is to ensure people that who book on the course actually do attend.Please make the cheque payable to Nepalese Doctors Association UK.

Thank you and see you on the 28th October.

We are also looking for starting mentorship scheme for trainees. Please complete online form with your registration .



Prof Satyan Rajbhandari led workshop on how to get to specialty training at the 31st AGM in Newcastle. The booklet compiled by him is included. Thanks to all contributors. This is hoped to be useful for all grades.

Postgraduate Medical Training in the UK





The doctors from Nepal have been coming to the UK steadily since the middle of last century in  quest of opportunities and better training. This number seems to have increased in the last decade. We have worked hard and struggled to achieve and fulfil our goal whether in the UK or in Nepal.

In course of this long journey, we all have received help from our friends from the NDA (UK) in one way or other. The NHS is going through transformation, so is the training programme in different specialities.

To help our newly arriving colleagues from Nepal, and to those trainees already in the UK, following members have kindly volunteered to  provide advice and support to guide them through the speciality of their choice:

Speciality Contact Person Email
Anaesthesia Dr Shambhu Acharya (Consultant)
Dr Ramesh Khoju (Consultant)
General Practice
Dr Rajendra Pandey (GP)
Dr Vandana Karn
Medicine Dr Satyan Man Rajbhandari (Consultant in Diabetology)
Dr Mohan Thapa (Consultant in Acute Medicine
Hepatology & Liver Transplantation Dr Dhiraj Tripathi (Consultant in Hepatology)
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr Beena Subba (Consultant)
Dr Rekha Shrestha (Consultant)
Ophthalmology Mr Bharat Shrestha
Paediatrics Dr Anil Tuladhar (Consultant)
Dr Mithilesh Lal (Consultant)
Dr Siri Gautam (Consultant)
Psychiatry Dr Arun Jha (Consultant)
Dr Prem Rai (Consultant)
Surgery Mr Badri Man Shrestha (Consultant in Renal Transplant surgery)
Mr Kamal Aryal (Consultant in colorectal surgery)
Mr Shabin Joshi (Consultant in Neurosurgery)

Support  of Nepalese doctors taking PLAB examination

There are many doctors of Nepalese origin who are keen to take PLAB exam to start work here. They have indefinite leave to stay here. HexN ( Health Exchange Nepal) will support up to 4 candidates per year by paying £30 per week for 3 months and subsidising their accommodation for 3 months in discussion with Lancashire Teaching Hospital. This support will be available for PLAB 2 candidates only.(Read more…)



Over the next few years, the General Medical Council will be changing the way doctors within the UK are regulated

to practise medicine.

The first change will come in the autumn of 2009 when the GMC will introduce licences to practise. All doctors will be required by law to hold a licence if they wish to exercise the privileges currently reserved for registered medical practitioners (such as prescribing medication and signing death certificates).

After licensing, a new system called revalidation will begin that will require doctors to renew their licence to practise every five years.

The purpose of this new approach to medical regulation is to give patients a regular assurance that licensed doctors are up to date and fit to practise.

Our plans for implementing licensing and revalidation are well underway. The GMC has established a UK Programme Board to oversee the practical delivery of medical revalidation across all four countries of the UK in a way that is co-ordinated and consistent. To ensure our proposals are efficient, effective and fit for purpose, we are carrying out rigorous and extensive testing of the new arrangements across different practice settings and across different parts of the UK. We are also working very closely with the medical profession, the Royal Colleges, employers and patients.”

This section of our website looks at licensing and revalidation in more detail, and explains what these changes will mean for doctors, their employers and patients. They are not a comprehensive account of our proposals as some of our plans are still under development. However, these pages will be updated as more information becomes available.

We have recently launched a consultation on draft regulations and guidance covering the licence to practise. The draft regulations explain how we propose to grant, withdraw, restore and refuse licences to practise in the future. To take part in this consultation, please visit consultation website. The consultation will close on 21 April 2009.

 (read more…)



“Ramji Gautam memorial award”  for MD in Anaesthesiology

Under the active leadership of Dr Achyut Dhital ( NDA (UK) Chairman: Year 2000-2001), members contributed a sum of £4009.00 towards establishment of a fund for “Ramji Gautam Memorial Award”. This Fund was, then handed over to Institute of Medicine, Maharajgung, Kathmandu in 2002 and deposited in a fixed account. An interest from this fixed deposit has been set up for an award for the top most post graduate candidate in MD in Anaesthesiology.

Dr Bishwas Pradhan (Click) has been the first candidate to receive the award.



1. Study on Prevalence of Hypertension in Dhulikhel Municipality

NDA (UK), granted  £432.00 (NRs 57,000) to Society of Healthy Heart at Dhulikhel Hospital for the above project .Supporting doctors’ suitable project is one of the three charity project Watford AGM passed in majority in July 2006.


2. Study on “Dementia in Nepal”

This is a future pilot project proposed by Dr A K Jha (Consultant Psychiatrist).




The Tooke Report on MMC   :              Pdf file            Power Point Presentation

MMC: Recruitment for Specialist Training  2007


BMA/Medical education                           BMJ Learning

GMC/ Education                                     Doctors Net Education

Centre of Medical education                    CV Writting        1     2

Journals: Medical Education                   European Resuscitation Council Guidelines

 Medical Teacher                       Stress Management



Postgraduate Doctors and Dentists (PDF document)

UK work permit required for international doctors
MMC (Overseas Doctors)

NHS Employers (Q&A) 

NDA’s response to UK NARIC’s decision to compare Nepalese MBBS degree   (More..)
Following website links are helpful to update yourself with the recent developments in medical career in the UK:

Modernising Medical Career (MMC)

Royal College of Physician’s survey on junior posts

The National Advice Centre for Postgraduate Medical Education (NACPME)

UK MMC Career Framework Proposal



Visit following websites for up-to-date and best advice:





One should definitely visit this site before departure.

UK Foreign Office Travel Advice
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